You know what you’re doing, but you need to get started now. You understand the worth of your art, and it’s your duty to save it’s value from ever deterring. Below is your list of orders we recommend you take. Follow them and you succeed in maintaining your business:

  • Corporate Compliance Tools – To maintain your company’s legal standing, you’ll need to comply with all the laws – Federal, State, and City/District.
  • Annual Report – To be in good standing, as a for-profit entity, you’ll need to produce a public report of where your money went. It’s optional until you reach a certain profit margin – please check with your State and Federal Compliance offices.
  • Minutes of the First Meeting of Board of Directors – This meeting is a vital point of your company’s operation, and establishes what kind of company you are running.
  • Annual Meeting Minutes (Shareholders & Directors) – This builds transparency between your Directors and Shareholders, creating a healthy environment for business.
  • Custom Corporate Kit with Embosser – This is fancy and shiny, and may even be obsolete, depending on where you’re operating the business.
  • Custom Bylaws & Minutes – You will save yourself months of headaches, writing amendments, with these meetings.
  • Custom Operating Agreement – Especially for LLC’s, this agreement will allow everyone to understand how your company works, and who to speak to, at times of reference, emergencies, and liability.